The current hashrate is

8.48 MH/s

6 workers

Low pool fee of 0.2%

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Use your wallet adress as username, no password needed.

How to setup your miner:

Windows NvidiaWindows AMDLinux

To reduce transaction fees the pool pays out once per hour. Blocks are only paid out after 100 confirmations (~67 minutes), so you should get your first payment after 1-2 hours and every hour after that!
Minimum payout is 0.01 GRLC, but dont worry, if you dont reach it your share will be carried over to the next payout.

If you have troubles setting up your miner, you can come to the Discord troubleshooting channel, or try Misa's Miner Setup.

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Pool Algo Workers Valid Shares Invalid Shares Total Blocks Pending Confirmed Orphaned Hashrate
garlicoin allium 6 3867799 34241 1728 0 1721 5 8.48 MH
Workers Per Pool
Hashrate Per Pool
Blocks Pending Per Pool
Address Shares Invalid shares Efficiency Hashrate
GaDwbBByN3VpSj7vgwxvvLG3LCgrpfeeYx 7 0 100% 414.61 KH
GX1kBUuesH6pkAjpWU8cbfrEZpkVPUMp34 107 0 100% 6.04 MH
GevAbGfDgUYGskwSB4AB8b67T6zExPN5q2 32 0 100% 1.81 MH
GeotR6Vk75sppXjqSBwkPJDpk7BJ9FhLtW 2 0 100% 111.85 KH
GdtAt5iVNKtWfWWqmZKVhq53YQbTYwotRi 1 0 100% 55.92 KH
GgVChy4aUdmC6xBvcMCxhush4vbR8gX8uA 1 0 100% 55.92 KH